Free Spirit Films is an independent production company based in Toronto. It was established in 2005 by president, Alison Reid, to develop and produce projects diverse in genre, but similar in their exploration of the human spirit. Born in Toronto Canada, Alison Reid started her life in film with a career as a stunt coordinator, stunt performer and second unit director, accumulating over 350 film and television credits and working with many high profile actors and directors. She is an alumnus of The Canadian Film Centre’s Producer’s Lab and well as CWW’s Women In The Director’s Chair Program. Reid is also the recipient of the Crystal Award presented by the Director’s Guild of Canada for best emerging director.


Feature Film, Comedy

Two adventurous women in love use an experimental stem cell process to conceive their own biological child. Pregnant with humour and unexpected twists, their journey tailspins out of control when their families discover there is no father.

The Baby Formula
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Short Film

Lilith, a cat rescuing entrepreneur and Athena, a genetic engineer, are desperately trying to have a baby together. When a scientific method fails, Lilith takes matters into her own hands.